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Cambrian Capital is an exclusive broker dealer of specialized financing solutions and advisory services to Condomin corporations for operations and capital related projects.

At Cambrian Condo Solutions, we will help ensure the necessary funds and resources are available to provide exceptional services to the owners. 

 When repairs are needed and the Reserve Fund will not cover the costs, we can provide simple and timely financing to ensure all necessary work is completed. 

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Building Maintenance Costs


A reserve fund study can uncover significant maintenance and can be devastating to a condo's budget. 

Emergency Situations


Is your building damaged during a flood? Unforeseen damages can put strain on a condo corporation's reserve fund.

Avoiding Special Assessments


For many people, a Condo Corporation raising funds through a special assessment can put them into financial distress or foreclosure.


 At Cambrian Condo Solutions we are able to provide customized financing solutions to Condo Corporations for the purpose of capital projects. Our ability to underwrite and provide in-house lending solutions allows us to move quickly for our clients and provide the most favorable terms available. Additionally, we are able to assist in brokering and structuring loans through our network of private and institutional capital as required. 

Full Funding

Large scale projects such as roofing, renovations, concrete repair, and disaster remediation will impact the condo's reserve fund and the Condo Corporation's ability to operate and provide other minor maintenance items. 

Cambrian Condo Solutions provides Condo Boards with the ability to fully fund these major capital projects while minimizing impact on operations and condo owners.

Partial Funding

Many projects identified in an engineering study can be covered by the existing reserve fund, however, sometimes partially funding these projects with short-term financing will help alleviate excess financial strain and keep the Condo Corporation liquid.

Cambrian Condo Solutions offers quick short-term financing options that will help provide piece of mind to the Condo Board and owners alike.

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